Quambatook Group School is a small rural school in a grain growing area of the Mallee in Northern Victoria. The school provides one instructional class with individual special assistance for students. Quambatook Group School places a high focus on Literacy and Numeracy with the student participating in 2 hours of Literacy and a minimum of 1 hour of Numeracy per day. Teaching staff attend professional development workshops in Literacy and Numeracy ensuring excellent student learning outcomes. The students have a well-developed work ethic and high personal expectations of behaviour and academic performance are shared by teachers and students.

The students enjoy a diverse range of specialist. They have weekly lessons with the specialist MARC (library) and Music teachers. At Quambatook Group School, students participate in Physical Education and explore a range of mediums in both the Art and Craft programs led by an Artist in residence and local member of the community. The students participate in an extensive range of camps, excursions and special activities with neighbouring schools in the district.

Since 2015, the students have been engaged in Challenge Based Learning or CBL. It is a very exciting program in which teachers and students work together to learn about compelling issues, suggest solutions to real problems, and take action. It’s a way of making learning engaging, purposeful and real encompassing all areas of the curriculum. Over the last 2 years the students have organised a community concert with live music, sent care packages to soldiers overseas, shopped and prepared healthy lunches for their parents, raised funds for endangered animals and created an iMovie with community members showcasing various gadgets and gizmos.

Information and Communications Technology is an integral part of the daily learning, with all students using their own laptops and ipads for their day to day learning, electronic whiteboards and video conferencing to enrich the learning in the school. Children are learning Chinese via video conferencing with neighbouring school Wycheproof P-12.

There is a strong partnership between parents and staff. Parents are involved in school council, excursions, working bees and assemblies. Quambatook Group School is held in high regard in the community and there is significant positive interaction between the school and groups in the community.

Congratulations: 2016 Book Week Competition

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